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In 1998, approximately 203 children ages 14 and under were killed in bicycles-related incidents and in 1999, 382,000 more were injured. Ninety-percent of bicycle-related deaths are the result of collisions with motor vehicles.

Approximately 1,000 children are killed each year in pedestrian-related incidents. In 1999, an estimated 25,000 children ages 14 and under suffered motor vehicle-related pedestrian injuries.

Safety Tips:

 Younger riders should ride on sidewalks or safe areas only. Teens may ride in the street after they learn the rules of the road. It is important for children to learn and practice bike safety rules:

  • A helmet should be worn every time you ride a bike, scooter, skateboard or in-line skate.
  • Always ride bikes in safe areas and never at night.
  • Always come to a complete stop before entering a driveway, path or sidewalk. Look left, right, and left again for other bikes, cars, or pedestrians.
  • Use the proper hand signals when turning to let drivers know your intent.
  • Walk, don't ride your bike across the street, and cross only with a grown-up.

Children under 10 should never cross a street alone. Grown-ups and older children should be role models and set a positive example by practicing safe street-crossing rules:

  • Stop at the curb or edge of the road and look left, then right, then left again for moving cars.
  • Wait until the street is clear, keep looking left and right until you have safely crossed the street.

Fire-Kids-arrow0202Bike Helmets

The helmet should sit on top of your head in a level position (make sure it does not tilt back). Make sure you always buckle the helmet straps (not too tight).

The helmet should fit comfortably and not move when you jerk your head from side to side.



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