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City Utility Billing System Receives Overhaul

The City is divided into four areas for meter reading and billing purposes. Water meters are read every twenty-eight (28) days for two (2) consecutive months followed by a billing cycle based on 35 days. Bills will be processed and mailed the same week the meter was read. The bills are due twenty-three (23) days later – that date will be printed on the bill. Customers who have their bills processed through an automatic bank withdrawal system should be sure to note the due date indicated on the bill.

Water consumption, as indicated on the January – March bills, will be averaged to determine a "water use average" for both residential and business accounts. This average will be recalculated annually. 

Meter Deposit

New customers are required to make a deposit.

The deposit is $150.00 for residential customers and is refundable, with interest, after 24 months. (Provided you have maintained good credit.)

Meter deposits are not transferable. If the customer is moving, it will be necessary to make a deposit for service at the new address. 

Any existing deposit funds will be used to pay off any outstanding balance at the previous address, and any money remaining will be refunded to the customer.

Deposits are not transferable between customers. (i.e. The name on the deposit cannot be changed) 

Six Convenient Ways to Pay

There are several ways for customers to pay their City of Hays utility bills.

  • 1. Automatic Bank Draft -Utility bills can be paid via a direct withdrawal from a bank account each month on the due date. Due dates vary from month to month and it is the customer's responsibility to confirm appropriate funds are available on the due date specified. To sign up for Automatic Bank Draft, customers can come to the City Clerk/Finance Office at City Hall, 1507 Main Street, and complete an application. A voided check from the customer's bank account must accompany the application. If a customer wishes to cancel their Automatic Bank Draft they should notify the City Clerk/Finance Office at least 30 days prior to the cancellation date.

  • 2. Web Site Self-Pay - The City of Hays offers a convenient online payment service. Customers can pay using their credit or debit card in privacy. Go to our web site at www.haysusa.com, click on the box "Pay Your Utility Bill" and follow the instructions.
  • 3. In Person -Customers can pay bills in the City Clerk/Finance Office at City Hall.
  • 4. By Mail -Customers can mail the return stub, along with payment, in the envelope provided with the utility bill.
  • 5. Drop Boxes -"Drop Boxes" are located at both of the Dillons grocery stores and on the southeast side of City Hall. There is also an alley drive-by drop box located on the south side of City Hall for customer convenience.
  • 6. By Phone -Customers can pay bills by credit or debit card over the telephone. Please call (785) 628-7300.

Charges and Fees
Utility bills are due the date stated on the billing statement. Payments must be received in the City Clerk/Finance Office by 5:00 p.m. to avoid late fees. Anything received and processed after this date is considered past due and a 5% late charge is assessed to the account.

Returned Checks
Checks or Automatic Bank Drafts returned for insufficient funds are subject to late penalties plus an additional $25 returned check fee.

Water Conservation Program

A ban is placed on all outside water usage during the period of June 1 to September 30 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 7:00 p.m. It is unlawful to waste water in the City of Hays. The use of water for washing down buildings, sidewalks, and other hard-surfaced areas is prohibited unless a special permit from the City Clerk/Finance Office is obtained.

  • Newly Seeded Lawns -The City will issue a permit allowing watering during the hours of 12:00 noon and 7:00 p.m. for newly seeded lawns. Permits can be obtained at the City Clerk/Financial Office by completing an application.
  • Showerhead Exchange -To assist customers in conserving water, the City provides free and reduced cost low-flow showerheads to City of Hays customers. Simply bring your showerhead to the City Clerk/Finance Office to receive a new low-flow showerhead.
  • Clothes Washer Rebate - This program provides financial assistance to customers that purchase water-conserving clothes washers for their home or business. Washing machines must qualify with the City's requirements for water conserving appliances; applications are available at the City Clerk/Finance Office.

In the case of a water service emergency, please contact the City Clerk/Finance Office at (785) 628-7300. After hours or weekends, call the Hays Police Department at (785) 625-1011. A service employee will be dispatched to attend to the emergency.

Contact Information:
Trash pick-up days, recycling, yard waste, special refuse collection (785) 628-7350 Billing questions (785) 628-7300 For further information, refer to the City's web site at www.haysusa.com



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