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How do I find out how much water I consume?
Water consumption can be found on your monthly utility bill or by calling the City Clerk's office at 785-628-7300.

Who will be affected by the 2nd Conservation tier?  
It will affect households that use more than 1,000 cubic feet over their household average.

How is my household average determined? 
Water usage as shown on your January, February, and March billing is averaged to determine your "water average" for the current year.

In Hays, what is the average household's water usage (or winter average)?  
700 cubic feet per month

How do you convert cubic feet to gallons? 
Multiply cubic feet by 7.48

Why does my bill show different dollar amounts for water usage? 
The first dollar amount is water used at the base rate. It shows on your utility bill under "charge". When you use over your monthly average of water, the Conservation Tier 1 and Conservation Tier 2 rates go into effect as they are applicable. They show up on your utility bill as one charge called "conservation".

Why has the new 2nd Conservation Tier been added?
The City of Hays water sources continue to be stressed with the prolonged drought. Therefore, the 2nd Conservation Tier has been put in place in an effort to reduce outdoor watering to help sustain the City's water supply. 

How do I conserve my usage and lower my water costs?
There are numerous ways you can reduce your usage. The City's Water Conservation Superintendent has several tips and ideas at the following link: http://haysusa.com/html/environmental.html. Handouts are also available at the City Clerk's office, 1507 Main, Hays.

How many showerheads or aerators can I get for my home?
 A free showerhead is available in exchange for an old one. There are several models to choose from, two free options and four that cost $5. Aerators are free and customers may take as many as they need for their house. Landlords can contact the City Clerk's office at 785-628-7300 for more information on the exchange program.

Will this solve Hays' water issue? 
The new 2nd Conservation Tier does not solve the water issue in the long term, but provides for increased conservation measures to help prolong what supply does remain. This is particularly crucial in a time of drought.

If I have another person living with me during the summer, will I receive more allotted usage?
No; the household water average is taken from January, February, and March water bills. The extra usage will count toward the 1,000 cubic feet more than the household average mentioned above.

Where can I go to get more information?
As always, please feel free to contact the City Clerk/Finance Office at (785) 628-7300 or access the City's web site at www.haysusa.com for further information.



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