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1302-Schwaller-MenStandingThe Hays Fire Department's mission is to protect the lives and economic well being of the people of Hays from the effects of fires, accidents and related emergencies.

The Fire Department proudly protects 21,000 people living in an area of approximately 8 square miles. They operate out of two stations that protect a primarily residential area. The department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status. This department has an ISO rating of "2".

The Hays Fire Department is under the direction of Ryan Hagans, Fire Chief. This department has 21 full time Firefighters working in three shifts supported by Paid Per Call members, and one Deputy Chief. The Fire Department provides emergency response activities and also handles a great deal of non-emergency work. Firefighters work 56 hours a week in rotating 24-hour shifts. There are three basic "teams"- the A,B, and C Shifts.


Propane-Tree02Fire Chief:  Ryan Hagans 
P.O. Box 490
Hays, KS 67601
(785) 628-7330 
Fax (785) 628-7314



  • Hays Firefighters specialize in fire suppression as well as rescue techniques including vehicle extrications, high angle, disaster services, water rescues, and cave-ins.
  • Firefighters are highly trained in all aspects of technical rescue and in cooperation with other fire departments in Ellis County, operate a regional rescue team for Northwest Kansas.
  • Firefighters trained to EMT level of EMS Training assist Ellis County EMS on all Medical Calls.
  • Firefighters do "Service Calls" in a variety of incidents to include: electrical hazards; appliance malfunctions; trapped animals; checks of smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounding; assist the police with gaining entry; almost anything people feel poses an imminent hazard.


Station 1:
1507 Main Street

Station 1 is located in the middle of Hays, and is joined by City Hall. The station contains the administrative office of the Fire Department and the living quarters, as well as the Fire Department

Airport Fire Station - Station 2
3940 East 8th Street

Station 2 is located at the Hays Regional Airport


Firefighter personnel staff and operate the following equipment:

  • 2009 Engine 1: 1,250 gpm combination rescue-pumper
  • 2000 Engine 2: 750 gpm combination rescue-pumper
  • 1998 Engine 3: 1,500 gpm combination rescue-pumper

  • 2017 Ladder 1: 75-ft/1,500 gpm combination pumper-ladder truck
  • 2006 Ladder 2: 75-ft/1,250 gpm combination pumper-ladder truck
  • 1996 Engine 5: FAA Class 3 airport fire truck
  • 2010 Engine 6: FAA Class 4 airport fire truck
  • 2015 Shift commander/command truck
  • 2006 Air supply truck/crew carrier
  • 2008 Rope rescue truck/crew carrier
  • 2014 Technical rescue trailer
  • 2002 Hazardous materials emergency trailer
  • 2005 Public education trailer
  • 2008 Fire chief vehicle
    2011 Deputy fire chief vehicle



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