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Hays Area Planning Commission - 3-year terms. All Hays Area Planning Commission members shall reside within the Planning Area, and at least three (3) members, but no more than four (4), shall reside outside of but within three (3) miles of the corporate limits of the City of Hays, Kansas. In making said appointments, the City shall obtain from the County Commission its requests for appointments of individuals who reside outside the corporate limits and in the three mile zone and, subject to the final statutory power of the Mayor to make said appointments, those recommendations shall be considered by the Mayor for said appointment.

Matthew Wheeler (resides in 3-mile limit) - expires 4-30-19 (2nd term)

Lou Caplan (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-19 (6th term)

Kevin Coomes (lives in 3-mile limit) – expires 4-30-19 (1st term) 

Kris Munsch (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-17 (1st term)

Darrell Hamlin (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-17 (1st term) -unexpired

Robert Readle (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-17 (1st term) - unexpired

Lawrence Gould (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-17 (11th term - non- consecutive) - unexpired

William Steinkuhler  - (Lives in 3-mile limit) expires 4-30-18 (1st term) - unexpired

Paul Phillips (resides in city limits) - expires 4-30-18 (4th term)

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