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Water Conservation Rebates & Giveaway Programs
Take part in the City of Hays water conservation incentive and rebate programs. The rewards are two-fold—save water, save money. The City offers incentives to become more water efficient both inside and out. Don't wait...participate in a rebate program before the money runs out!

How much can I save by participating?

  • Washing Machine: Seeing average use, replacing a conventional top-loading clothes washer with a rebate-eligible high efficiency front-loader can save up to $125 annually on water, sewer, and energy costs.
  • Toilets: Seeing average usage, replacing an older 3.4 gallon per flush toilet with an ultra high-efficiency 0.8 gallon per flush counterpart could save a household of 4 up to $100 annually on water and sewer costs.
  • Urinals: A business with a high volume of urinal uses (200 uses per day) can save $325 per year on water and sewer costs by replacing a 1.0 gallon per flush urinal with a 0.125 gallon per flush "pint" urinal.
  • Turf Conversion: By converting an averaged sized cool season lawn to a warm season lawn, you can save up to $750 annually on water, fertilizer, and maintenance costs. Also, 1,000 square feet of xeriscaping can save you $100 annually on water costs.

Program Details
The City of Hays is offering rebates for high-efficiency clothes washers, gravity flush toilets and urinals. We also have a "Cash for Grass" program, where you can get paid when you make water smart landscaping choices. Rebates and programs are available to all City of Hays water customers. And we offer FREE showerheads and faucet aerators to Hays water customers.


 High Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate Program

Research shows that approximately 20% of residential indoor water usage can be attributed to the clothes washer. Looking to replace that worn out, inefficient washing machine? We can help by offering a $100 rebate. High efficiency clothes washers with an Integrated Water Factor (IWF) of 3.7 or lower are eligible. A list of qualifying models can be found on EPA's EnergyStar website at energystar.gov/clotheswashers or on Consortium of Energy Efficiency's website at http://library.cee1.org/content/qualifying-product-lists-residential-clothes-washers.


 Gravity-flush Toilet Rebate Program

Do you know that as much as 25% of your indoor water consumption goes to flushing the toilet? Replace that old, inefficient toilet with a new, high efficiency model. The rebate program is tiered and the most efficient models qualify for a higher rebate. Eligible models must bear the EPA's WaterSense label and flush at 1.3 gallons per flush (GPF) or less.
The City offers three tiers of rebates and they're broken down as follows: 0.8 GPF is eligible for a $150 rebate, 1.0 GPF is eligible for a $100 rebate, and 1.1-1.3 GPF is eligible for a $50 rebate. A list of qualifying models can be found here at the EPA WaterSense program: http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/products/toilets.html.


Everything you ever wanted to know about high efficiency toilets, including independent testing and analysis, can be found here at the MaP website: http://www.map-testing.com/.

 High Efficiency Urinal Rebate Program

For our business and commercial water customers, the City of Hays has a high-efficiency urinal rebate program. If you replace an existing urinal with an EPA. If you're a City of Hays water customer and replace an existing urinal with an EPA WaterSense labeled 0.125 gallon per flush "pint" urinal, you are eligible for a $300 rebate. EPA WaterSense program: http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/products/urinals.html.


 Turf Conversion Rebate Program

If you have a reasonably well-maintained fescue lawn, you are eligible for the City's "Cash for Grass" program. We'll rebate you $1.00 for every sq ft of cool season grass you convert to warm season grass, xeriscape, or artificial turf. Minimum 100 sq ft, maximum rebate of $1,000.00 per property.

Fescue and bluegrass are used extensively for lawns in Hays, and they are a non-native plant in an ill-suited environment. With our climate, conditions, and annual rainfall, fescue and bluegrass can have a tough time surviving and thriving as a turf grass without additional supplemental watering.

Buffalo grass, a species native to the high plains, has many benefits. It needs 73% less water than fescue thanks to its deep root structure. It also boasts less fertilizer and mowing needs than cool-season grasses




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