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The City of Hays has initiated a process to rewrite our Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. These ordinances are quite dated (originally adopted in 1973) and thus, are currently insufficient to help us achieve the community envisioned by our Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in 2012. It is our intent to use the new Zoning and Subdivision Regulations to implement the policies and visions of the Comprehensive Plan; to ensure that it reflects the latest state statutes, to provide for quality infill and redevelopment projects, to conserve the character and integrity of our established neighborhoods, to cross-reference other development-related ordinances, to ensure fair and timely development approvals procedures; and to improve its organization, understanding, and ease of use.

Adoption of the new Zoning and Subdivision Regulations will set the stage for protecting and enhancing the visual appearance and character of our community, while at the same time, providing new and better regulations that better address our needs and those who are developing and redeveloping in Hays and the surrounding area. Once adopted, the Code will be available online using the latest technology to make it more accessible, user-friendly, graphical, and easy to use.

The City of Hays has hired a national planning consultant, Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC), to develop the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. From time to time throughout the life of the project, new information regarding this project will be posted on this page. The project is expected to take about 14 months to complete with a projected completion date of June 2015.

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