Tree Rebate Program

Program Brochure

View details including guidelines, the rebate form, and a list of preferred and acceptable trees by viewing the Tree Rebate Program Brochure (PDF).

Rebate Request Submission

Rebate requests can be submitted online or by using the printable Tree Rebate Program Brochure (PDF).


To be eligible for the reimbursement of half the cost of a newly planted tree (including tax) with the maximum reimbursement of $50.00 or for reimbursement of half of the cost of a tree removal (including tax) with a maximum reimbursement of $100.00. Property Owners will be reimbursed up to $150.00 for the removal and proper disposal of pine trees that have been confirmed to be infected with "Pine Wilt Disease". Timing is critical to receive this reimbursement. Infected trees need to be removed and disposed of by May 1st. Please contact the Parks Department at (785) 628-7375 immediately if you have a pine tree that dies suddenly (typically within 3 to 5 weeks).  The following guidelines must be followed:

  • All Tree Rebate requests will be subject to the most current program regulations and tree varieties.
  • All trees must be on the preferred/acceptable tree list.
  • Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come/first-rebated basis.
  • Limit of two rebates for newly planted trees and two rebates for tree removal per property per calendar year. Only properties within the City limits of Hays are eligible for a rebate.
  • Property owners are encouraged to contact the Parks Office, at (785) 628-7375, for an on-site review prior to planting a tree to assure proper planting location and tree type. 
  • Trees must be purchased from an established dealer within Ellis County or removed by a business that is licensed to perform tree removals in Hays. A list of licensed tree trimmers may be obtained by contacting the Parks Department at or (785) 628-7375.
  • Rebates will be approved subject to the availability of funds.  All request for rebates must be received within the calendar year for which a planting or a removal occurred.

Location Guidelines

  • No street trees other than those trees listed as small trees may be planted under or within ten lateral feet of any overhead utility line, or over or within five lateral feet of any underground water line, sewer line or transmission line.
  • All trees must be approved prior to planting along right of ways at any intersection.
  • No tree plantings will be allowed within an alley right of way.
  • Small street trees must be planted at least 30 feet apart, medium trees 40 feet apart, and large trees at least 50 feet apart.
  • The clear space distance between the curb and sidewalk must be 4 feet for a small tree, 6 feet for a medium tree and 8 feet for a large tree.
  • Property owners are required to call Kansas One Call (Dig Safe) at (800) 344-7233 prior to digging.