Monuments & Markers

General Rules

  • All monuments, headstones, or columbarium doors must be put up under the supervision of the cemetery caretaker.
  • No inscription should be made upon a monument, headstone, or columbarium door without a permit from the City.
  • No monument, headstone or columbarium door of any kind shall be placed, removed, or relocated on any grave space or niche without a permit from the City.

Permit Requirements

  • Description of the work to be done
  • Must be submitted in writing by the grave space or niche owner, his or her agent or representative
  • No permit will be granted until the grave space or niche is paid in full
  • Payment of a fee fixed by the City Commission

Monuments & Headstones

  • All monuments and headstones must be set by the monument company under the supervision of the caretaker or officer in charge of the cemetery.
  • All unused materials and rubbish shall be removed promptly after completion of work.
  • Concrete foundations for monuments and headstones shall be provided in all cases. 
  • Concrete shall be made with six parts of coarse sand or gravel and not less than one part of Portland quality cement thoroughly mixed.
  • The concrete shall be poured in a pit up to grade and made perfectly level on top.
  • Enclosures such as fences, walls, and curbs around grave spaces or portions thereof are prohibited.
  • Erection of said structures shall not damage or disturb other grave spaces, avenues or walkways.
  • If any trees, shrubs or structures of any kind situated on any lot become dangerous or detrimental within the cemetery, the City may cause such condition to be corrected or the offending plant or structure removed.
  • Mausoleums, vaults or other burial structures, built or constructed entirely above-ground, or partly by excavation therein, will not be allowed in any city-owned or operated cemetery. 
  • A minimum notice of three (3) working days must be provided to the cemetery caretaker prior to installation. 
  • Monuments and headstones must be natural stone hard enough to refine to a smooth and glossy condition.
  • Monuments/headstones at Memorial Gardens Cemetery are required to be level with the ground and surrounding area.
  • No monuments or headstones shall be more than one foot in height, unless such stone is at least six inches in thickness.  
  • The permanent mounding of a grave space is prohibited.
  • The pit for the foundation shall extend not less than the full width and length of the monument or headstone.
  • The pit shall be in general not less than three-fifths of the volume of the monument or headstone in proportion to the size and weight thereof.
  • When grave spaces are neglected and uncared for, for any reason, the City may care for the lots as other grounds in the cemetery.

Monuments Setting Fee

  • Single space, $10.00
  • Double space, $25.00