Sewer Rates

Sewer Rates Effective January 2021

Sewer Minimum Charges

Meter Size (Inches) Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
5 / 8"
$13.92 $23.63
3 / 4"
$25.26 $42.91
$36.56 $62.16
1 1 / 2"
$59.26 $100.76
$115.98 $197.11
$172.67 $293.45
$286.01 $486.23
6" and 8"
$569.49 $968.08

Sewer Minimums

Sewer minimums for multi-unit dwellings receiving water service from a single meter are calculated by the number of units multiplied by $13.92. 


Four units fed from one meter equals $55.68 (4 times $13.92).

Sewer Charges for Residential & Business

Cubic Feet (C.F.) of
Water Usage
Inside City Limits
Per 100 Cubic Feet
Outside City Limits
Per 100 Cubic Feet
First 100 Included in Minimum Included in Minimum
All Usage $5.66 $9.54


All monthly sewer rate charges shall be computed based upon the average water readings from January through March, for residential users. All such users, for which an average cannot be established from usage from January through March, shall be billed on the basis of a monthly consumption of seven hundred (700) cubic feet of water ($47.88), until such average can be established.

Business Users

All sewer rate charges for business users shall be computed from the monthly water meter readings, or, if installed, readings from an approved sewer meter. Water which does not reach the sanitary sewer may be excluded from the sewer service charges, provided that such water is metered by the user at its own expense with a meter of the type and standard presently used by the city, and provided further, that such meters are read monthly by the city.

Residential Users With No City Water Service

All monthly sewer charges for residential users with no city water service will be $66.38 per month and the outside city limits rate will be $112.82.