CARE Council

Meetings: Meetings to be held at the discretion of the Council during the months of December, January, and early February.

The CARE Council is responsible for reviewing any agency requesting monies from the City's Social Services budget and the City’s and County's Alcohol Tax budgets. The CARE Council also is responsible for the recommendation of United Way funding. The Council will develop recommendations for funding of agencies, which will be presented to the United Way Board of Directors, the City Commissioners, and the County Commissioners in May of each year. It is each entity's responsibility to take action upon the recommendations submitted to it by the CARE Council.


The CARE Council, a partnership between the City of Hays, Ellis County and the United Way of Ellis County is comprised of 12 voting members. Appointments are made by the United Way Board of Directors, the City Commissioners, and the County Commissioners.

Interested individuals must be able to volunteer approximately 20 total hours during December, January and early February and attend meetings at various times during the day. Volunteers should be familiar with the Ellis County community, be able to read financial statements, and have a desire to enhance the community by effective use of donated and tax funds.

CARE Council Representatives serve 2-year terms for City appointments and 1-year terms for all others.

City of Hays Appointments

  • Kayla Lonnon
    Expires August 26, 2023 (6th term)
  • Brett Gerber                           Expires March 24, 2024 (1st term)
  • Amy Schaffer
    Expires November 22, 2024 (3rd term)
  • Cindy Elliott                                  Expires 12-8-2024 (4th term - nonconsecutive)

Ellis County Appointments

  • Dr. Gary Brinker
  • John Braun
  • Jaden Richardson
  • Natalie Ellis

United Way of Ellis County Appointments

  • Niki Clark
  • Lisa Keever
  • Kelly Lewis
  • Korinna Parker


  • Cindy Strube