Recreation Commission

Meetings: 4th Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon, Recreation Office, 1105 Canterbury. 

The goal of the Hays Recreation Commission is to provide diversified leisure activities, high-quality facilities and programs and to be pro-active in providing recreational and educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life in the community. They work to increase participation and retention of clientele through quality diversified programming, to be receptive to community needs and to further the development of physical facilities, to encourage and promote a positive public image, to recruit and retain quality recreation professionals and staff, and to ensure public trust through the responsible management of public funds.


This board consists of 5 voting members:

  • 2 appointed by the Board of Education of the Hays Public Schools;
  • 2 appointed by the City Commission of the City of Hays;
  • 1 appointed by the previous four.

Hays Recreation Commission Board members are appointed to 4-year terms.

City Appointments

  • Zach Binder
    Expires August 1, 2027 (1st term)
  • Mark Junk
    Expires August 1, 2024 (6th term)

Board of Education/HRC Appointments

  • Tom Albers (Board of Education Appointment)
    Expires August 1, 2026
  • Dustin Armbruster (At-Large Appointment)
    Expires August 1, 2025
  • Roy Inlow (Board of Education Appointment)
    Expires August 1, 2025