Animal Control Services

Animal Quarantine

 Animals that bite are located and captured to make certain that they're not carrying disease.

Animal Rescue

Animal Control Officers use their knowledge and equipment to help find and rescue lost or trapped animals.

Complaint Investigation

Animal Control Officers look into complaints of noisy, destructive or threatening animals.  If necessary, proper legal action may be taken (including citations, fines and impoundment).

Cruelty Investigation

Animal Control Officers enforce laws governing humane treatment of animals. If necessary, they may remove animals from unsafe or unhealthy conditions and begin legal action against a negligent owner.

Role of Animal Control

Your Animal Control Officers

  • Educate the public, to make citizens aware of animal control problems and ways to help solve them.
  • Enforce city pet licenses for animals, to help identify and aid in the return of lost pets.
  • Enforce ordinances, such as leash laws, laws governing vaccinations and humane treatment, etc.