WaterSmart Landscaping

Having a WaterSmart Landscape means more than just watering plants correctly - it is actually the combination of several gardening principles that together create a landscape that not only conserves water, but is creative and beautiful as well.  Click on the links below to learn more about creating a WaterSmart landscape:

Planning and Design

Soil Preparation

Efficient Irrigation


Right Plant, Right Place - Plant Zones

Practical Turf Areas

Proper Maintenance

Overall, by following these steps, you can create a truly WaterSmart landscape. Reducing outdoor water use does not have to mean replacing lawns and trees with plastic and gravel, or turning flower gardens into cactus gardens. Water Smart landscapes can be just as beautiful - if not more so - than water wasting ones.

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Since 2016, one residential and one commercial property has been chosen to receive a WaterSmart Landscape Award.  The goal of this award program is to increase awareness of the importance of water conservation in the landscape and to recognize those in the community that have made great strides towards that effort.

Printable Nomination Form