Right Plant, Right Place - Plant Zones

An extremely important step of creating a WaterSmart landscape is to plant the right plant in the right place. Plants vary in the amount of moisture they require so it is critical to know what those requirements are. Additionally, different areas of the yard may receive different amounts of moisture, sunlight, and wind. Take this into consideration when choosing plants for the landscape. Group or zone plants with similar water requirements together. For example, group a crabapple tree with shrub roses in a planting bed vs. planting the trees and shrubs sporadically throughout a turfgrass area. Since trees and shrubs need to be watered differently than turf, planting them in separate zones will allow for more efficient watering and healthier plants.

Select low water use or drought tolerant plants if possible. Remember all plants require additional moisture to get established. Drought tolerant does not mean “plant it and forget it”.

Drought Tolerant Plants list pic