Buffalograss Seed Rebate

2021 Buffalograss Seed Rebate Program

The City of Hays offers a $10.00/pound seed rebate for the purchase, and successful establishment of buffalograss lawns on properties otherwise ineligible for the Turf Conversion Rebate Program.  Rebate eligible practices include the following:

  • Renovation of an existing lawn otherwise ineligible for the Turf Conversion Rebate Program (i.e. thin, patchy cool-season turf that is in poor condition).
  • New lawn plantings where warm-season turfgrass was not previously established.

Native plant species like buffalograss have a deep root systems that allow tolerance to local environmental conditions and extended periods of drought. In addition, buffalograss requires less mowing, less fertilization, and minimal, to NO supplemental irrigation once established in comparison to cool-season turfgrass species like Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Rebate Eligibility Requirements:

  • All properties with suitable growing conditions to establish buffalograss (i.e. full sun, minimal tree root competition), that do NOT otherwise qualify for the Turf Conversion Program, within the City of Hays, may qualify for this rebate program on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • A pre-inspection must be completed prior to any lawn work being done.  Work completed prior to  pre-inspection will NOT qualify for a rebate.  Calling for a pre-inspection as the work is being done (i.e. seed is being planted, etc.) is NOT acceptable. Pre-inspections must be scheduled in advance with City of Hays staff.
  • A recommended buffalograss variety must be selected and planting must occur at the appropriate time of year (typically between June 1st and August 1st) at a seeding rate of 1-3 lbs./1,000 square feet.
  • This rebate is available for up to one year following pre-inspection date.  (Subject to change based on availability of program funds from year to year.)


  • Contact (785) 628-7350 to schedule a pre-inspection.  City staff will meet with you to see if you qualify for the program, discuss your plans and measure the lawn area you are proposing to seed to buffalograss.  If you qualify, you will then be given authorization to proceed with planting. 
  • Complete the lawn seeding (either personally or via a qualified contractor).  Keep in mind all City of Hays rules and regulations regarding landscaping and outdoor irrigation.  Go to www.haysusa.com for more information.  Keep all receipts related to the purchase of the buffalograss seed for later submission.
  • Once the buffalograss has begun to grow, contact (785) 628-7350 to schedule a post-inspection.
  • After a successful post-inspection and receipt submission, allow 2+ weeks for your rebate to be processed.  Payment will be made to the property owner. (Please be advised that IRS regulations require a 1099-MISC be sent to any person receiving a rebate greater than $600, in which case a W9 form will need to be submitted at the time of payment.)  Remember, Pre– and Post-inspections are required for eligibility prior to issuance of rebate.

This program provides financial assistance to customers wishing to plant Buffalograss lawns.  The City of Hays does not endorse or recommend specific brands, products or dealers.  Buffalograss seed selection and installation is the responsibility of the applicant.  The City assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to an applicant’s property as a result of participation in this rebate program.  Due to circumstances beyond its control, the City cannot guarantee that participation in the Buffalograss Seed rebate program will result in lower utility costs.

Rebate Form Example

2021 Buffalograss Seed app with watermark
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