Stormwater Utility Fee

The Stormwater Utility Fee was established on July 1, 2011.  These fees are used to fund the repair and maintenance of our storm sewer system, our street sweeping program, our programs for stormwater public education, stormwater related capital improvement projects, stormwater quality projects, and stream bank stabilization projects.

Every residential developed property and nonresidential developed property that are serviced by the stormwater management system pay the stormwater utility fee.  Fees are calculated on an ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) rate. The ERU rate is currently $3.62 per ERU.

For residential properties, rates are calculated by multiplying the number of residential units by the ERU rate.  For example, a single family home is billed for 1 ERU, a duplex is billed for 2 ERU, an 18 plex apartment building is billed of 18 ERU.

Commercial properties are billed by calculating total impervious surface on the property. 3369 square feet of impervious surface is equal to 1 ERU.  For example, a commercial property with a total of 13,145 square feet of impervious surface calculates to 3.9 ERU.  ERUs are always rounded to the nearest whole number, so the billed ERU is 4.

In some situations, nonresidential property owners have the opportunity to receive fee adjustments based on meeting requirements shown below in the Stormwater Credit Policy.

Nonresidential Stormwater Credit Policy - 35 Percent Cap with Supporting Technical Information (PDF)

Nonresidential Stormwater Fee Adjustment Application

Stormwater Utility Fee Ordinance