27th St Project

May 6th Traffic Change

27th and Hall Traffic Configuration

21-05-06 27th and Hall

On Thursday, May 6th, the contractor will begin setting up traffic control, which will switch traffic over to the west side of the intersection of 27th and Hall while the east side of that intersection is reconstructed.  Since 27th Street will be blocked off just east of Hall Street, 27th Street traffic will be detoured using Canal Blvd and 29th Street or Walnut and 17th Street.  Those two detour options are shown on the map below in blue and yellow respectively.

Hall Street traffic will be carried through head-to-head in the west lanes of the intersection similar to how it is currently carried through the east lanes of the intersection.

Once the construction zone is isolated, the existing pavement will be removed, the subgrade will be stabilized with crushed concrete, and new pavement will be installed.  The curb and gutter, sidewalk and ADA Ramps in the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection will be replaced as well.  All this work will take about four to five weeks.  

Contact the Office of Project Management at 785 628-7350 with questions. 

27th Street Detour

27th Street Detour Option 2b


Project Start Image2

The next major reconstruction project for the City of Hays is 27th Street from Hall to Fort.  This particular project has been listed in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for several years now.  27th Street is a 3-lane arterial road and carries approximately 10,000 vehicles per day.  The total project length is approximately 3,780 LF.  Existing pavement is a mix of full depth asphalt and concrete overlaid with asphalt.  There is no parking on either side of 27th Street.

The intent of the project is to remove and replace all the pavement, curb & gutter, sidewalks, curb ramps, intersections, alley entrances, and driveways necessary to meet ADA requirements.  The project also includes new pavement markings; storm sewer improvements at Canal Blvd and the area adjacent to Van Doren Pond; and waterline improvements to include abandonment of an old 4” water main along Walnut from 23rd to 27th and Fire Hydrants at Hillcrest, Cottonwood and Willow.  

The 2021 Budget includes $2.9 million for the design and reconstruction of this project out of City Commission Capital Reserve with additional funds allocated from Stormwater Reserve and Water Capital. 

Bids were opened on December 22, 2020 from the four (4) bidders listed below:

  • Paul-Wertenberger Construction (Hays)        $2,376,131.60
  • Morgan Brothers Const. (LaCrosse)            $2,447,452.33
  • APAC – Kansas, Inc. (Hays)                $2,773,214.28
  • Smoky Hill Const. (Salina)                $2,822,249.18

All bids were reviewed by City Staff and Kirkham Michael Engineers.  The low bid from Paul-Wertenberger Construction in the amount of $2,376,131.60 has been determined to be the valid low bid and below the engineers estimate.  The City Commission approved the low bid on January 28, 2021.

The current schedule calls for construction to begin on or about March 22nd and be completed by November 17, 2021. 

2019-09 Phases


A Preconstruction Informational Meeting was held in the City Commission Chamber at 1507 Main Street beginning at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

The meeting was live streamed on YouTube for anyone who prefers to attend virtually. The link to the recording is: https://youtu.be/xzv0pdsaROA  You can also access it by typing bit.ly/hays27 into your web browser.  Or, simply go to YouTube and search “27th Street Reconstruction”

The meeting and broadcast featured comments from the contractor (Paul-Wertenberger Construction), the City’s engineer (Kirkham Michael), and City staff.  Refer to Informational Flyer.

If you have specific questions, please email johnbraun@haysusa.com or call (785) 628-7350.