East Multi-Use Path

MapWhy the Multi-Use Path?

Multi-use paths are becoming more popular and can bring many benefits to the city.  Multi-use paths provide safe and accessible transportation and recreation opportunities that separate individuals from motor vehicle traffic.

What's the project?

The project consists of a 1.25 mile long, eight (8) foot wide, concrete multi-use path connecting Hays Medical Center, USD 489 and the Hays Recreation Commission (HRC). 

Future Benefits?

This project is located in an area that was identified in the 2008 Hike and Bike Masterplan as part of a future "loop" path which could eventually connect to the levy path that runs through Frontier Park and Fort Hays State University.  The overall goal is to create a continuous path that provides connectivity to all parts of the city and this portion is important to the overall plan.

How will the Multi-Use Path be funded?

This project will be funded through the Special Park and Recreation Budget.  Maintenance costs would be minimal and would not significantly impact the Parks General Fund Budget.  The project will be completed by J Corp who had the lowest bid.Bid Opens in new window 

When will this project start?

The East Multi-Use Path was completed in December 2021.