R9 Property

The R9 Ranch is a 6,700-acre property located five miles southwest of Kinsley in Edwards County, along the Arkansas River.

R9 Ranch - A Sustainable Solution
R9 Ranch

In 1995, the City of Hays acquired this Edwards County property as a potential solution to the city’s long-term water supply issues. In 1996, due to similar concerns, the City of Russell purchased an 18% interest in the property from the City of Hays.

The R9 Ranch is a 6,700-acre property, with 8,000-acre feet of water rights, located five miles southwest of Kinsley, along the Arkansas River.  The property, and its underlying alluvial aquifer, carries the potential of providing 4,800-acre feet of sustainable water annually to the Cities of Hays and Russell.  Currently, Hays and Russell combined use approximately 3,000-acre feet of water per year. The additional 4,800-acre feet of water will supplement Hays and Russell’s existing well fields in order to meet their current needs and provide a sustainable supply to support the ongoing growth within each community.  Hays and Russell have successfully converted the water rights from agricultural use to municipal use and are currently navigating the regulatory process to transfer water from R9 to Hays and Russell.  Once authorized, well field and pipeline development can begin.

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