Alcohol Sales
  • If alcohol sales are planned, the event coordinator will be required to meet with the Director of Parks and the Chief of Police. Please contact the Parks Department at 785-628-7375 or to schedule the meeting.
  • A Cereal Malt Beverage License and/or a Liquor License must be obtained from the City Clerk's Office for any event with alcohol distribution.  Costs, regulations, and permit applications are available at City Hall, 1507 Main Street, or by calling (785) 628-7300.  
  • The distribution of alcohol must be confined within the park with temporary fencing or some other approved method.  The placement of the fence must be approved by the Parks Department prior to installation.  
  • A sign must be displayed at all exits stating "NO ALCOHOL BEYOND THIS POINT".
  • Glass bottles/containers are prohibited in all City parks.

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