The event representative will be responsible for all electrical charges incurred during an event.  For events at Municipal Park that require heavy use of electricity, the event representative must contact Midwest Energy at (785) 625-3437 to have the electrical usage billed to them for the term of the event.   The electrical outlets will need to be unlocked by the Parks Department.  Review the map to determine which boxes are needed.

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1. Parks Department Approval
2. Park Lease Fees
3. Alcohol Sales
4. Driving/Parking Within the Park
5. Electricity
6. Food Vendors
7. Insurance Requirement
8. Noise Permit
9. Overnight Park Use Permit
10. Picnic Tables/Trash Receptacles
11. Tents, Shade Canopies, etc.
12. When is a Park Lease required?
13. Water Access