I need assistance with my Knox Box.

Contact HFD 785-628-7330.

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1. Who do I report the poor condition of our apartment building to?
2. How does my out-of-town alarm company contact the Fire Department?
3. I need to have a business inspected.
4. Should I take my child by a fire station if they are showing interest in fire play?
5. What's the closest fire station to my home?
6. I have a Fire Code question.
7. How do I talk to the Fire Chief?
8. Do you provide CPR and First Aid classes?
9. How do I clean up after a fire/smoke damage?
10. Do you install kids car seats?
11. I need assistance with installing or maintaining my smoke or carbon dioxide alarm.
12. I need a copy of a report for an incident I was involved in?
13. I need to set up some fire drills for my business.
14. Can I schedule someone to come out and help me build an evacuation plan?
15. Employment opportunity inquiries.
16. Can I schedule someone to come out and help me build an evacuation plan?
17. Where can I get my fire extinguisher recharged?
18. Do you give fire extinguisher training?
19. What is the phone number to my fire station?
20. I would like to know the names of the firefighters who took care of my emergency.
21. I would like to tour the fire station.
22. How far is the fire hydrant from my house?
23. Who do I call for report a broken hydrant?
24. I have a hazardous materials I want to dispose of…how do I do that or who should I call?
25. What is Hays Fire Departments' ISO rating?
26. I need assistance with my Knox Box.
27. I am a teacher at a school and would like more information on Learn Not to Burn Curriculum -- who do I contact?
28. Where can I purchase an escape ladder?
29. How do I confirm a public education program that is already scheduled?
30. How far in advance do I have to schedule a program?
31. I need a building plan reviewed. Who do I contact?
32. Do you have volunteer firefighters?