What can I expect my first year on the job as a Police Officer?

New Police Officers begin their employment with the Hays Police Department on a mutually agreed upon date. After employed, the Hays Police Department will sign you up for the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC). Between your start date & the next open slot for the KLETC, you will begin your 14-week field training program. This is where you are paired up with other officers to start learning the aspects of the Police Officer position. Your 14-week field training program will be put on hold while you attend the 14-week KLETC in Hutchinson, KS. During your 14 weeks at the academy, you will live in the KLETC dorms Sunday night through Friday evening. You will drive home Friday night & return to KLETC Sunday night. All drive time & training time will be paid for. Once you graduate KLETC, you will finish your field training program.

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