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Sunrise Park

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  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Basketball
  3. Pet Waste Station
  4. Play Equipment
  5. Play Unit, Multi-Feature
  6. Restrooms
  7. Shelter House / Pavilion
  8. Walking / Exercise Path

Shelter House Reservation

To reserve this shelter house, use the calendar below.

Born Learning Trail

In 2005, the United Way began its “Born Learning” campaign in an effort to assist with early childhood development and to prepare children for school.  And through this United Way initiative, volunteers from the Hays community were able to develop a “Born Learning” trail at Sunrise Park.  The trail is a series of ten interactive signs that offer fun, active learning activities for young children and their families.  The trail is uniquely designed to help parents, caregivers and communities turn everyday moments into learning moments.

Pollinator Garden

In 2018, the Hays Beautification Committee began work to establish a pollinator garden at Sunrise Park.   An area near the center of the park was identified, tilled and planted with wildflower seed to provide nectar and/or pollen to a wide range of insects/pollinators.   The pollination of plants by pollinators is not only essential for plant reproduction, it is also responsible for the production of many of the fruits and foods we eat.